Cabinet Painting

cabinet refacing Seattle WA

When your cabinets start to experience the inevitable wear and tear, and the shine they once had starts to fade, you don’t need to worry. There are a range of options at your disposal to reinvigorate the look of your cabinets.

​One of these options is cabinet painting Seattle WA. Painting your cabinets can be an easy and simple way to quickly change the look and feel of your home. It’s a cost-effective way to add a splash of a new color to your home, and really change up the look. We provide everything you need when it comes to cabinet painting Seattle.

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Painting vs. Refacing 
When your cabinets are starting to look a little worn and run down, and you want to bring them back to life, the first you need to consider are your options. So which is better: painting or refacing? This depends largely on what you want to achieve, both have benefits and drawbacks when compared with each other. Both can provide the new look you want, just in different ways. In any situation, our team can help you make this choice and help you decide which one is best for you and your situation. So you can get the best for your home.

Splash of Color 
There’s nothing that quite changes the look and feel of a room than a bright and vibrant new color. It can be quite amazing how such a small change can have such a dramatic effect. This is the one the best benefits that getting your cabinets painted can have. You can add that dash of color the room is lacking, and instantly transform it. Adding a new splash of color to your cabinets can be the perfect way to change the look of and re-energise any room in your home. Why not see for yourself by getting us to paint your cabinets?

Professional Results 
Painting is easy, right? It can’t be that hard. Just dip the brush in the paint and move it back and forth until it’s done. Right? Unfortunately not. Painting is not as simple as many people think. Without the proper know how and skills any paint job can easily look blotchy and uneven. This probably wasn’t the look you had in mind when you wanted to get your cabinets painted. That’s ok, because we have all the know and professional knowledge to get the results you were truly after. So there’s no need to worry.

Time Saver 
Along with being a more difficult task than you might realise, painting can also be incredibly time consuming if you aren’t really sure what you are doing. It can consume your entire weekend, and not be completed, before you realise it. When you consider this, and the fact it can be tough to get the professional results you want, why try and go it alone? We can save you time, and your weekend, by taking care of all your cabinet refacing, cabinet redooring and painting for you. You don’t need waste your time anymore. ​